A homeowner must have the issue examined by an expert when the warning signs of a foundation problem are found. Several foundation problems are only cosmetic and don’t affect the house’s structural integrity. A foundation professional would be able to examine the situation and make suggestions as to what must be done.  

Foundation Repair 

The cosmetic damage caused by small foundation issues could be repaired usually by a homeowner. But, an expert foundation repair specialist must be contracted to make the proper repairs if the load-bearing ability of the foundation has been compromised. 

Repair methods made to a damaged or sunken foundation vary on the type of the original foundation. Installing several extra piers might be required to evenly deliver the weight. This increases the support area for your foundation. To create extra piers, cement-filled and round pylon tubes are frequently used.  

Here are some questions that you need to ask yourself before hiring a professional Galveston TX foundation repairs specialist:  

  • Does the Contractor really know how to repair foundations? 

A certified foundation repair contractor means more than going to a school for 2 weeks from a franchise operator and thus gaining a certification.  

Foundation repair is a hard industry to learn. A lot of people have seen individuals who attempt to create companies knowing nothing or too little about the actual procedure of repair.  

A homeowner surely does not want to deal with a new repair problem created in an effort to repair their foundation. In the long run, this costs everybody more. 

  • Does the company have a list of contented clients? 

A good foundation repair company would provide local references when requested. Look at the online presence of the company and in the community.  

It is best to get 1st-hand data from someone you trust and know. So, ask your friends and family if they have any suggestions. Always confirm the ratings online.  

  • Is the foundation contractor insured and licensed? 

A good foundation repair company must show proof of insurance when requested. In addition to bringing a commercial vehicle policy, they must have a workman compensation policy, together with a general business liability policy. It should have limits higher than the minimum requirements of the state. 

You need to ensure they hold a valid trade license and pull required permits if licensing is needed by your city or state.  

  • Are they familiar with your soil type and area? 

A foundation repair company must be familiar with the local construction methods, as well as the conditions of the soil. Even within a few blocks, the soil condition could be extremely different. 

A repair company must have a great understanding of the various types of foundations and how each would react if piers are applied. Homeowners may also ensure that the repair company has a shop location or verifiable physical office.  

  • Is the repair work under warranty? 

Potential clients must also ask about the warranty for the work done, in addition to the items above.